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Taking Care of Your Hands
05.27.14 Tuesday
Our hands are one of the most important resources we have, yet our hands are the least taken care of and likely the most abused and forgotten…That is, until you experience the first twinge of hand pain! Think of all the things your hands do… They touch, sense, connect, create and love. They work, push, pull and perform. They can express emotion, even do our talking for us… Your hands will find all sorts of things to keep them busy! With all this and more, shouldn't you take better care of your hands and keep them in good working order and condition them more carefully? Idaho Hand Institute has some tips to help you care for your hands so that you can avoid some of the common ailments that can beset them.
  • Avoid overusing the joints. In the age of technology it’s easy to overuse our hands with typing, texting and game playing. Make sure you take some time to rest from technology. Stretch out your hands just as you would any other muscle or ligament in your body.
  • Keep your hands moisturized. The skin is a protective layer that helps shield your body from germs and keeps the water inside, where it belongs. Those natural oils are the mechanism that this is achieved. When your hands are dried and cracking, you open yourself up to infection. So, give ‘em a hand…moisturize.
  • Wear protective gear. There are gloves for just about every activity under the sun. Take advantage of the latest and greatest. Whether you are pounding nails all day or working in the yard, even just indulging in your favorite sport, wear appropriate gloves and other supportive gear to protect all those joints, ligaments and bones.
  • Adopt better posture. This is important when engaging in such activities as lifting, twisting, even sitting at the desk. Be mindful of the angle of your wrist. Did you know that a relaxed wrist can actually grip harder? Poor posture in your hands will lead to pain you aren’t going to have time for.
  • At the first sign of pain in your hands. Rest. Treat with ice and heat if necessary. Sometimes, rest is all it takes. If things don’t improve, seek medical care.
  • There are so many complications that can arise with your fingers. Such things as fractures, dislocations, thickening of the tissue, even more common things like trigger finger. There are effective treatments for every finger ailment, especially when treated early. Sometimes, the wait and see approach can just spell trouble and added complications.
  • Finally, it goes without saying, keeping your hands washed and in good shape will keep your whole body healthy! Your hands are the first defense against germy viruses and bacterial infections.
The doctors at Idaho Hand Institute are pretty handy when it comes to helping you keep your greatest asset working like a well-oiled machine. If you find your hands are not working as well as they should, give us a call.
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