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Stuck on You…the ring that is!
08.28.14 Thursday
We’ve all felt that panicky feeling when we try on a ring and can’t get it off!  Why is it that we immediately go into shock!  Sweat beads up on our forehead, our eyes become larger than a blue moon in August and we see our life flash before our eyes?  Okay…that may be a bit dramatic, well maybe not for me!…but, nevertheless, it’s not a fun experience to have a swollen finger and ring that won’t budge! We pull and twist and tug, only to find our finger swells bigger and bigger!  Then our mind runs crazy with our worst nightmare…the ring will have to be cut off!!  What if they cut through your finger while they’re at it?  Nah…that would never happen!!! Stop the madness!! No one loses a finger to a stuck a ring!  Here is a great little info gram, courtesy of wonderhowto.com that gives you some great ideas of how to get that stuck ring, unstuck! My personal favorite is the rubber band method.  There are lots of YouTube videos on how to effectively do this so check it out but here is the basic gist!   Take a flat rubber band.  Begin wrapping around the swollen ring finger above the first knuckle. Wrap it tight to compress the swelling. Once you get to the ring, push the elastic band under the ring.  With that end, on the other side of the ring, begin unwrapping.  The ring will twist along as it unwraps until it magically comes off!  No more hyperventilating, freaking out or passing out!  In fact…you could pretend your David Blaine and astound your family and friends!! Aren’t you glad you stopped by Idaho Hand Institute today?
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