Shoulder Pain - Tearing, Fraying, Instability
08.20.14 Wednesday
Hopefully, shoulder pain is something you have only read about and not experienced firsthand.  It can be a pain you can hardly chase down.  There are many different sources of shoulder pain and not always straight forward. So, consulting with your upper extremity specialists at Idaho Hand Institute can help you sort out the source of the discomfort. There are three basic reasons for shoulder pain.  They are:
  • Tears
  • Fraying
  • Instability
Let’s talk about each one. Tears and Fraying: A tear and a fray are basically one in the same.  A tear can happen because of over use and repetition or from trauma such as a fall or blow to the shoulder.  It is often seen in weightlifters or people participating in throwing sports, like Baseball.  Sometimes, a sudden jerk of the shoulder will be just enough to tear or fray a ligament or tendon in the shoulder. A tear will cause your shoulder to catch and lock up, even pop or grind. Overhead activities will be difficult to engage in because of the pain.  This decreased range of motion will also bring on weakness and instability. It’s important to see your doctor for a full assessment of the tear.  It will determine the course of treatment for you.   Sometimes, surgical intervention is the best treatment, along with physical therapy to strengthen the shoulder joint. Instability: Instability is just as it sounds.  Weak muscles surrounding the joints in the shoulder create a feeling of weakness and instability and can even result in dislocation.  Sometimes a dislocated shoulder occurs before the instability and is the cause of further weakness and problems in the joint. Your shoulder is one of the joints we use the most and has the most range of motion.  It lifts reaches and rotates all over the place as we hurry through the day.  We rarely take the time to rest or exercise this large set of bones and joints.  It isn’t until we experience a tear or dislocation that we realize how important it is to take care of this precious part of our body. Come in to Idaho Hand Institute and let us teach you about keeping your joints safe and healthy from tears and instabilities.  That’s what we are here for!
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