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Shoulder Dislocation
01.12.15 Monday
Shoulder dislocation isn’t that uncommon. The shoulder is an amazing joint that must allow an incredible amount of motion but remain stable (in the socket) as the humeral head (ball) moves i the smaller glenoid (socket). The injury is often due to a fall or event that creates extreme pain and inability to use the arm.  After exam and x-ray, a diagnosis is made. The shoulder is then reduced immediately (put back into place). Follow-up should be scheduled with your medical specialist at the Idaho Hand Institute. The injury can cause damage to the bone, the capsule, or the labrum, so your provider may order an MRI of your shoulder to define the injury. Each patient will have an individualized treatment plan. Some patients can be treated with a sling for four weeks, followed by progressive rehabilitation and return to activity. This usually takes three to five months. Sometimes surgery may be needed. This could be arthroscopic or open, depending on what needs to be done to repair the injury. This treatment is typically an outpatient surgery with a recovery time of four to five months. Whichever treatment plan best suits you, the Idaho Hand Institute will be with you each step of the way. For more information, please contact the Idaho Hand Institute at (208) 235-4263 or at any of our four locations: Pocatello, Blackfoot and Soda Springs and our newest location in Idaho Falls (Mountain Falls Quick Care Clinic at 1995 E 17th St #1, Idaho Falls, ID 83404).
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