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09.11.14 Thursday
There are only a few times when it’s okay to hear popping, clicking and cracking…mostly when you are eating a bowl of Rice Krispies!  If your joints are popping and cracking, clicking when you walk, you might have a problem!  Probably not a serious one but still…leave the popping sounds for your morning cereal and ask a doctor ‘What’s up?’ Clicking, popping and cracking joints don’t always indicate a problem but if it’s accompanied with pain, then you may be looking at a form of arthritis or other problem.  Here are some of the benign reasons our joints crack and pop!
  • Our joints contain fluids, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide.  As you stretch and bend your joints, bubbles surface from the joint and when they are released, create a cracking sound.  Basically, it’s your joints letting off a little gas!  But don’t be embarrassed, everyone does it!
  • As you move, your ligaments and tendons move too.  As they fall back into their appointed space, they can snap back.  Sometimes, they can actually move out of alignment but quickly find their way back.  It’s altogether normal and for the most part, they find their way home after a little clicking and popping.
  • Sometimes connective tissue and cartilage gets out of place and popping is the resulting sound.
None of this is abnormal or worrisome, especially when it occurs with normal, regular movements.  So when should you worry about the loud sounds when you walk down the stairs? Well, only if the sounds are accompanied by pain.  Pain is one of the best resources we have to alert us to a part of our body that needs some attention. If there is bruising, swelling, or warmth around the joint, this isn’t normal either.  Arthritis can cause a loss of cartilage which makes your bones rub together not only causing cracking, even grinding noise but pain as well. If you ever question, whether the popping and cracking you hear is normal or not…come in and let us take a look!
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