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Four More Reasons to Fight Osteoporosis
10.08.15 Thursday

Osteoporosis is not something to start thinking about after a fracture or in your twilight years. It is necessary to take good care of your bones when you are young, trying to prevent osteoporosis rather than manage symptoms. Here are four more reasons to fight osteoporosis before it begins, which will affect your quality of life:

1. You are at risk for the bad-bones blues:

Women with osteoporosis may be more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than their bone-healthy peers. This may be related to the effects the condition can have on quality of life; it affects all aspects of daily living as well as your appearance. Additionally, the chronic pain and isolation that can occur with osteoporosis may contribute to a state of depression.

2. You might have to go shopping:

Osteoporosis can present special challenges in the fashion department. Poor bone health, height loss, a change in stature, stooping posture, and difficulty getting dressed all mean you’ll need to shop for an easy-to-wear, less tailored wardrobe when you have osteoporosis. This can be terribly expensive and may also bring some people to tears when it comes to keeping up with the trends and fashions of the season.

3. Daily aches are a pain:

Osteoporosis fractures can result in both acute pain and chronic pain. Some fractures are so tiny they may not show on x-rays. Sometimes it happens over a long period of time. When they happen gradually, they are less likely to be painful. Managing the pain of osteoporosis and the treatments needed to treat osteoporosis can become quite challenging.

4. Your smile fades:

Dentists frequently identify osteoporosis because they find bone loss in the jaw, which affects your bite and also causes discomfort while eating. There is a relatively rare risk for osteonecrosis (death of bone tissue) associated with certain osteoporosis treatments. Osteonecrosis affects the jaw in a small number of people who use bisphosphonates. Although the risk is real, the benefits of treatment may outweigh any risk.

As the old adage goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Learn about prevention at http://nof.org/learn/prevention

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