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De Quervain…Say WHAT?
08.14.14 Thursday
It’s a word that one can scarcely pronounce let alone wonder if they have the condition. De Quervain, pronounced dih-kwer-VAINS, is a painful condition in the tendons at the base of the thumb and side of the wrist.  It is also known as De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis.  It is unusual to wonder if you have this condition, the pain will be clear and will get you into the doctor sooner than later.  If you have De Quervain’s, you will notice discomfort in turning your wrist, grasping anything, or making a fist. How does this condition happen?  Although not the only cause, activities that you do repetitively are a major contributor of De Quervain’s.  This can be repetition in sports, computer games, or even house work.  The pain will be noticeable at the back of the thumb or index finger joints but you may also experience swelling and redness.  Symptoms can also include difficulty moving your thumb, numbness, and a catching or sticking sensation. There are treatments you can try at home like cold packs, resting the joint, splints to immobilize the wrist area, or even taking over the counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications. If at home treatment fails to relieve the problem, you will need to come in and see one of the providers at Idaho Hand Institute.  Steroid injections or even surgery may be necessary. A direct assessment will help develop an appropriate treatment plan. Overuse is common and can cause problems with any joint.  Resting your joints and avoiding repetitive activities is one the best ways to prevent conditions such as De Quervain’s.
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