Common Hand Injuries
12.19.13 Thursday
We use our hands for everything! Some people can’t even speak without using their hands to fully express their thoughts and emotions. Here’s a snapshot of your fingers to illustrate the fine-tuned machines they are! There are: 29 major bones and joints 123 ligaments 34 muscles, divided between the palm and the forearm 48 nerves at least 30 arteries All these nerves are in constant communication with command central; the brain! Not only that, but a ¼ of the brain is dedicated to controlling the muscles and nerves of the hand. These are some pretty compelling reasons to take care of your hands. Still, we take them for granted. A quarter of all sports injuries involve the hands. In addition to this, there are fractures, dislocations, contusions, sprains, strains, and lacerations, not to mention tendonitis and a host of other conditions. It’s tempting to take the wait and see approach when it comes to hand injuries but doing so, can often result in further injury that is more complex and time consuming to treat. Don’t leave your hands up to a general practitioner. While they have some knowledge of hand anatomy, they are not the experts. Idaho Hand Institute specializes in the hands and upper extremities. We are very familiar with all the conditions and injuries and stay abreast of the latest treatments. The hand is actually a very complex network of nerves, ligaments, muscles and bones as stated above so make sure you are leaving them in the most experienced hands of an upper extremity specialist.
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