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A Chicken Wing or a Golf Swing?
09.04.14 Thursday
Want to improve your golf swing…lose the chicken wings!  Really.  Not sure what I’m talking about? Well, in the perfect golf swing, one would see the head of the club before you see their elbow as they extend through the swing.  If you see a person’s elbow as they extend their arm to swing, it’s called Chicken Wing! Anyways, your golf swing doesn’t stink because you are a lousy golfer, it stinks because you have poor flexibility and weakness through your shoulders, arms, wrists, hands and even your core muscles!  It takes nearly your whole body being in shape to be an effective golfer with the perfect swing, every time!  Poor muscle tone throughout your upper extremities will also result in less power behind the club and fatigue on the course sooner This is all good news!  No one likes to think they have failed at chasing a little white ball around a neatly manicured field of grass!  The good news is, maybe shelling out a few more hundred dollars with the golf pro isn’t the answer.  Maybe a few weeks at the gym is!  Concentrate on strengthening all the muscles around the joints.  Pump some iron.  We aren’t talking about body building kind of stuff, just good old muscle strengthening. There are other issues with your upper extremities that are affecting your Saturday morning game.
  • Your over-extended back creates balance issues and stresses your core and hips.  The fix?  Strengthen your core muscles…this will give strength to your back.
  • Weak hands and wrists will create angles that mess up the downswing.  A strong wrist is key.
The key to a good golf game is a good strong body; muscles that are ready to power up behind that club instead of contorting your body in ways it was never meant to bend.  Strong muscles will protect your joints from your neck to your feet.  Without taking the time, a few minutes each week to build muscle, you are setting yourself up for pain and even injury that could take you out of golf season altogether! So, what’s it going to be…Chicken Wing or Golf Swing?
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