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5 Secrets About Football Injuries
09.18.14 Thursday
This is just between me and you…it’s a secret. Well, 5 secrets about recovering from football injuries. So, you’re the quarterback and bam…you take a tackle to the shoulder and you are out cold, maybe the rest of the season!  Bummer!  We know you’re tough and all and really want to get back in the game but that is the problem!  Human nature is to hurry through the injury, cut corners on therapy and head back on the field at the first sign of mending.  If you do that…you are setting yourself up for another injury, re-injury and that my friend…is going to hurt physically and mentally because it really could put you out of the entire season! So, here are 5 secrets about football injuries you need to know.
  1. An injury hurts.  Pain is you body’s way of communicating with you that something is not right.  Pay attention!  No body likes to be ignored, especially your body!
  2. Most athletes rush their recovery period and this is the worst thing you can do for yourself.  In the end, you will likely end up spending more time in pain and possibly furthering your setbacks by trying to rush the healing process.  Relax!
  3. Rest…rest a lot!  Your body can’t do it all on its own.  It is using a huge amount of energy for other processes like, oh, I don’t know…staying alive!  So, give it a break.  Rest so it can regenerate that damaged tissue.
  4. Nutrition.  Maintain a good diet.  Again, it’s all about feeding that tissue that is trying to heal.  Give it power foods packed with vitamins and minerals.
  5. Listen.  Listen to your doctor and listen to your body.  If the doctor says you have to do physical therapy for 6 weeks…he’s not joking around.  Most doctors I know don’t just make stuff up for kicks and giggles.
There you have it!  Now you know what the docs at Idaho Hand Institute know.   We really want to keep those upper extremities in tip top shape.  And should an injury happen, we are here to help get you back in the game!
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