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10 Insane But True Things About Better Health
09.12.14 Friday
Are the efforts to improve you health worth the effort? Read these benefits to help motivate you.
  1. That bad mood can’t survive in a body that’s healthy!  Good health bolsters those awesome mood boosters called endorphins and seratonins…turning a grumpy face…into a happy face!
  2. Reduces anxiety.  No one likes living life in a panic…or do you?  Nah…anxiety will kill you, along with its cousins stress and depression.  Good health keeps your body firing on all cylinders.
  3. Increases concentration.  You’ll be less squirrelly and distracted with a body full of all the vitamins and nutrients your brain needs to function effectively.
  4. Saves money.  Better health means fewer trips to the doctor for the bothersome ailments we experience…that means, you can spend all that saved money on apples.  That’s right, apples…You know what they say, “An apple a day…”
  5. Helps you maintain a healthy weight.  Your heart will thank you, your joints will thank you and even your lungs will thank you…oh and your pancreas…Your whole body will thank you!
  6. Longevity.  There is so much to enjoy in life, why not stick around?
  7. Boosts your energy.  Seriously, you won’t know what to do with all that extra energy.  You might want to take up sky diving or something awesome like that, maybe even a little Latin dancing!
  8. Improved sleep.  Remember how you use to sleep like a baby?  Ya me neither but better health might jog your memory.
  9. Speaking of memory…good health keeps you sharp and smart!  Your brain needs all sorts of balanced nutrients in order to function
Finally…why wouldn’t you want to have better health…because you enjoy misery and illness?  It doesn’t take much to get there!  Just commit to one small change each day and before you know it…you’ll be a new person with a new lease on life!
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